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Music Is My Monkey

Charlie Wood
Charlie Wood



 ©2014 Charlie Wood / VHB Publishing (BMI)

When you say you don't know what to play

I don't know what you're talking about

I have known from the very first day

It's inside and it wants to get out

I don't try to sound some other way

Cause I'm free from self-hatred and doubt

I'm in touch, and my inner child is funky

Cause my music is my monkey


Wanna pour me a swig to get by

I can sure flip my wig on that stuff

Wanna pass me a smoke, can't deny 

It's a gas of a joke with a puff

Try to sell me a spike to get high

Got to tell you, I'm quite high enough

Can't you see, I don't need to be no junky

Cause my music is my monkey


Seems to me it ain't such a good deal

Looks to me like all work and no play

While you sit with your nose to the wheel

I'll be grinding the organ all day

Follow up on the fun that you feel

Always been such a much better way

I will not be some corporation's flunky

Cause my music is my monkey